ISU drops t-shirt lawsuit appeal

Iowa State University's ended its federal appeal of a decision allowing a student group to use a university logo on t-shirts. The school's chapter of the National Organziation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was given permission by the school's trademark office in 2012 to put the Cy mascot on its shirt. Shirts shown in a Des Moines Register photo prompted complaints from state lawmakers and other officials. The student group was later denied approval for the design on another batch of t-shirts so two students sued the school and several administrators with the assistance of a national campus free speech advocacy group. The case made it to the 8th US Circut of Appeals, which upheld the students' free speech claims. The court will decide what damages will be awarded. Iowa State has been ordered by the federal court to pay the students' attorney fees and expenses of more than $193,000. The school has incurred more than $8,100 in expenses defending the university’s top administrators in the lawsuit.