On Vacation

Good Morning! I'm on vacation today so slept in until 3:45am, spoiling myself on my days off. Moved my record collection to a more convenient part of the house yesterday, that took a couple of hours. Try explaining to the wife how the Troggs, Poco, Love, Moby Grape and Slim Whitman end up in the same cubby hole. Anxious to put on my complete collection of Firesign Theater routines for some laughs later on. May get a little romantic tonight as I found my 9 record box set of Be...tter Homes and Gardens "Montovani Tours the World". Of course what could be more exciting than traveling the Old West with Frankie Laine or echoing Hoagie Carmichael in "Buttermilk Skies" with an encore of "Stardust". Tears will stream down my face as "My Dad" is soulfully sung by Paul Peterson followed by Eddie Fisher's "My Buddy". I will always wonder, what happened to "Laura" after the big race and why "Teen Angel" went back for that stupid high school ring, did the angora get stuck on the steering knob so she couldn't escape. What an effect music has played and continues to play in our lives. Each song we hear will stir up so many memories thus today and for the next few, life will be a holiday as I "Stroll" down "Primrose Lane".