The Older I Get

HMMM, this thought deserves lots of contemplation and more space than allowed. I just felt it this morning and typed (keyboarded) it out. The older I get, the less I take for granted, I’m acutely aware of all that surrounds me and appreciate so many things I took for granted. The older I get, the rush of years past are almost overwhelming, offering thoughts of roads passed by and what might have been compared to the road taken and what is…No regrets. The older I get, having secret, quiet conversations with those that meant so much and have gone before me, never feeling alone, yet still missing them. Explaining how much I look forward to getting together again but in no hurry to do so. The older I get, my only fear is that the better world I wanted to leave behind has become more difficult to achieve and my days of influence are starting to wane. You see our voices somehow become weaker to the young and less meaningful, so much to share but so little volume. The older I get I realize the path behind is longer than the path ahead but I plan to walk it with as much energy and influence I can muster and cherish every day so 10 years from now I can revise this written piece “The Older I Get”.