Decoration Derby

It’s a race to keep up with the holidays, pumpkin carving for Halloween, Flags out for Veterans Day, gourds and Indian corn for Thanksgiving and then of course the Christmas Lights. AAHHH yes the Christmas Lights, you dare not light them to early nor leave them lit too late. The planning time is enormous, including a game of weather roulette. Do I put them up in October to play it safe or risk the changes and uncertainty of November? Don’t forget the neighborhood competition, an undeclared war of most and best that threatens a neighborhood “Brown Out”. Do I set them to music and include the wired reindeer in the yard. I wonder if I fill the inflatable Santa sleigh and reindeer with helium will they stay aloft or break loose in a strong wind and begin a trek across the world. The ingenuity is amazing and I love seeing them, turn them on after Thanksgiving and off January second, as for this “Grinch” I’ll enjoy yours and not suffer the humiliation of even trying to compete, good luck!