Sorry, Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Helping

I had a great weekend, I stayed away from the news. In the back of my mind though I wondered what I would be talking about this morning and unfortunately had a premonition it would involve guns and the killing of innocents. It’s now become so common place I refer to it as the “Mass Murder of the Week”. I do not mean to diminish your sincerity of sympathy for those involved but your inventory must be almost drained and your patience for action gone. Nothing, absolutely nothing has been done towards resolving the problem and I know you “gun freaks” are going to fight anything that would restrict your 2nd Amendment rights. I have no want to deny you your rights but believe we need greater vigilance in those who exercise them. Don’t let the gutless “Namby Pamby’s like me offer the solutions, deep in your soul you know the laws are to wide open and some very bad and mentally unstable people are obtaining the instruments to do great harm. Short of arming every man, woman and child in America I would welcome your input in working to resolve these issues. I know it won’t be perfect and before you say it “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” I’ve yet to see a gun kill without a person holding it. If we keep one of these incidents from happening it’s a step in the right direction. Let’s not work in opposition but together for solutions and save lives. That’s it until our next “Thoughts and Prayer’s “ get together.