Jury Duty

Yesterday for the 1st time in 70 years I got called for Jury Duty, my excitement was overwhelming as I have always preached the responsibility of serving on a jury rather than looking for ways to get out of it. In preparation I binge watched Law and Order and some old Perry Mason episodes and felt I would be at the top of my game. As I checked in I made sure my look was of a serious yet compassionate individual and carefully selected a spot in the courtroom that gave both attorney’s and the Judge a clear view of the example of what the “Ideal Juror” should look like. Alas, the computer who randomly chooses had no vision and chose 20 prospective jurors and left me benched as a prospective hopeful. I shamefully sat there rooting for some to be eliminated to give me the chance. As I listened to the first question asked I suddenly realized I was doomed, “Do you know any Ames Police Officers?” Let’s see, I’m married to a sergeant and I know all of the rest and their families. BZZZZZT, dead in the water, all I had left was to sit and listen until the selection was over then take what entered as a proud prospective juror to a never will be.