The Attack of Beauty

Took a ride on my motorcycle last week taking in the colors of fall. It was gorgeous, so many brilliant colors especially along the river banks as I passed on some high bridges. Yesterday they had lost their luster as they had chosen to accumulate in large numbers covering my yard. The decision must be made, do I rake, nah no kids or grandkids to jump in the piles and my wife refuses. How about using that beautiful lawn vac resting in the garage, nah, it grinds them up but I still have to bag and tag them for pick up. The final choice is to mulch them up with the mower and return them to Mother Nature. I chose the latter even though it takes a couple of cuts it seems the easiest. I would have chosen raking if we were still allowed to burn, I fully understand and respect my friends with respiratory problems but boy do I miss that intoxicating smell of Autumn I grew up with. They were so beautiful on the trees, why couldn’t they stay there a little longer but then again I guess that’s why they call it “FALL”.