ISU Police investigating campus sexual assaults

Iowa State University Police is investigating a pair of sexual assaults on campus. Victims say the assaults happened last weekend in Linden Hall.  ISU Police Chief Michael Newton says in both cases victims say the assailants were acquaintances--a common theme for most sexual assaults.  He says says they're working hard to get ahead of the problem.

Meantime, the Ames Police Department says the number of sexual assault reports since the start of this school year has increased 33 percent compared to 2016. Cmdr. Geoff Huff says 16 assaults had been reported by this point last year. That number is 24 right now. He can't say for certain whether that means more assaults are happening or more are being reported. Huff says law enforcement hopes high-profile allegations and the rise of awareness campaigns will prompt local victims to report sexual assaults.