A Medley of Memories

My wife officially declared this the week of basement cleaning, yes I said a week and I may be optimistic. For over 25 years things have gone into our basement but nothing has come out until now. It’s a walk through history and one my wife would rather I not take as I have a tendency to reminisce slowing down the process. Last night as she was taking apart a desk to get it upstairs I happen to stumble upon a mystery box. Even before I opened it she begged me not too knowing it could come to no good. Oh, how wrong she was! It was filled with about 200 of my old 45rpm records from yesteryear and as she continued to work I played s game of “Name that Tune” going through and singing a line from each one. By number 27 I noticed I was singing to myself as my audience of one was up fixing herself a drink. What has happened to the appreciation of the arts? Oh well on to #28, hmmm, B.T Puppy Label, “I’ve got Rhythm” followed by #29 Tennessee Ernies “16 Tons” on Columbia records, what’s this “You Don’t have to be a Baby to Cry” on the flip side, I’m in heaven and up to the challenge, listening for the cry of “Encore” from upstairs which is strangely silent.