With all due respect, whether the NFL takes a knee, stands up or does cartwheels during the National Anthem means nothing to me, I will always stand with my hand over my heart. I'm not looking around to see what other folks are doing I'm focused on the flag. Although I have empathy for their cause, they will be on bended knee for many years if the past is any indication of how we have dealt with it. Hopefully any serious movement toward resolution will bring them back to their feet. That being said, "Repeal and Replace" has once again fallen on it's sword for the 82nd time, how about we move on to the other immediate needs of this country. There is much work to be done and so far little effort, how about some FOCUS Washington D.C.. What has transpired so far is no credit to our flag and what it represents and is far more distracting than the NFL. 

Join me tomorrow morning for Good Neighbor Day from 7:30 to 8:30 at Mary Kays Flowers and Garden Cafe, 3134 Northwood Drive, as we give away Carnations for as long as they last.