Fall is Officially Arriving!

I know it won't feel like it but the official start of fall in Iowa begins at 3:02pm CDT today, that's about the time we'll be in the lower 90's. We who live here know that only is the marking of the Autumnal Equinox and has no effect on the weather only our ability to drive safely East and West during sunrise and sunset. Of course it moves Mother Natures corn elves out of the fields, where they could be mangled during the harvest, up into the tree's to start painting leaves. Temperatures will begin to cool and we'll go into "Real football weather" enabling us to legally add chili to our tailgates plus maybe have a snifter of warming alcohol along with that cold beer. We will walk, shuffling our feet a little more to rustle up the many colors of leaves beneath our feet and remembering the falls of years past. Most importantly we will remember why we love the seasons in this beautiful state and officially begin preparations for winter complaints...Happy Fall!

It's the Little Cyclone Homecoming Game against Council Bluffs Lincoln tonight at 6:45pm on 1430!