Sharing Your Bountiful Harvest

It is that time of year where the mini farmers in Iowa are wrapping up the fruits of their labors in the gardens they pampered these summer months. From all reports I have heard it was a tremendous growing season. Chris and I decided in a merciful move not to mistreat plants again this year as we are known to cultivate for about 2 weeks and declare the seedlings to be on their own. Still that being said we have benefited through the generosity of those with greener thumbs as they drop off many different fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy. My parents used to tout how much better homegrown produce tasted than store bought although we never had a garden except for a few years after WWll when they still raised what was termed 'Victory Gardens". Right now if I displayed the produce we've been given it would resemble a supermarket. It is with this thought I would remind you that many of our food pantry's would appreciate any donations of fresh produce for their clients, to me that would make this crop bountiful for so many more.

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