Dinner Conversation with a Cop

Some of you might think, uh oh, the old man got pulled over and he's on a rant about injustice, not so, I obey all traffic laws most of the time. No, I'm referring to my conversation with my wife over dinner last night. We went through general conversation about the kids, yes the kids ages 45 and 25 and they will be kids all their lives no matter how old they get in my eyes. The next step is  appraising each other of the weeks schedule and I must admit mine seems mundane, her's not so much I'll let you in on a small portion. "Honey, (that's me), the next couple of weeks are kind of busy, I've got 2 court dates, 3 days of fire arms training ( she's an instructor) and next week I'll be in Hostage Negotiation seminars most of the week. Don't forget next Thursday I'll be working the game.. Oh, I almost forgot, if you've got time could you swing by and pick me up some 9mm ammo I'm almost out?" I replied " You do realize I have to begin draining the pool, cut the grass and pick up dog food and treats but I"ll go ahead and pick up your ammo." Actually I look forward to picking up the ammo, I pretend it's for me and can chat up some great shooting and hunting stories with the clerk just to regain a bit of the testosterone I've lost over the years.

Be listening up each morning this week as Trent and I will be giving away tickets to "Artrageous" at C.Y. Stephens this Sunday.