Crossing Guards

I have to admit driving through campus town puts me a little on edge and it's not because of other drivers. We who have lived here long enough understand the needs of youth to use the shortest route to any destination, if a crosswalk is along that route fine, if not that's ok too, cars will stop for us we're bullet proof. When I was first learning my route to school as a child my mother would walk it several times explaining the rules of pedestrian safety along the way, she must have been a good teacher because they have stuck with me all my life. Are today's parents being neglectful in that duty and now we have young people hurrying and scurrying and crossing wherever the want? It seems to be a challenge to stay out of the white lines of a pedestrian crosswalk. I wish there was a way of impressing upon them the dangers of such disregard of their safety. The drive along Lincolnway is impressive with new businesses and construction, it need not be enhanced by the edition of memorial wreaths.

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