Waxing Sentimental

Orange juice, coffee and face book it must be 4:30 am on a Sunday. First of all, good morning I hope you have a wonderful day planned. While I say that I want those of you that are struggling with issues beyond your control, that I'm thinking of you and hoping for the solution to your problems and maladies to come soon. I found in growing up my father was the voice of practicality but my mother was the voice of hopes and dreams. Dad could teach us how to fix things, cut the grass, bait a hook, throw and catch a ball not to mention awkwardly explain the facts of life in more detail than my Hygiene teacher and in my case about a year after my own experiments. My dad always laughed because we closed the conversation with me asking "Now Dad do you have any questions?". We went through some pretty rough periods, no matter how hard my folks worked we always seemed to be behind economically. Our house was small enough we could hear the nightly whispered conversations and tears of worry, yet the next morning was filled with smiles and joy as to not let us think there were any problems. They were tremendous actors..."and the Oscar for convincing their children all is hunky dory goes to Lynn and Dorothy Sawyer". This is not a "Woe is me story" and not exclusive to my family. I know many that I grew up with many that had similar experiences. It provided the fabric from which many of our lives were cut. I remember sitting in church holding tightly to that quarter mom had given me for the collection basket thinking who needs this more and mom leaning over as if reading my mind saying "There are so many people worse off than us, what is given will come back in a hundred different ways." It always did and continues to this day. Thanks for your friendship, have a wonderful Monday!

It's a night of Coaches with Cyclone Hockey Talk at 6pm and the Cyclone Cydline Show at 6:30pm on the hometown station of the Cyclones.