Warm Days and Cool Nights

I have to admit our use of our above ground pool has been limited this year by extenuating circumstances but now as we roll into fall Mother Nature has blessed us with a couple of hot, humid days to give us a couple of more days of floating, libation time. It is in that effort we endeavored to do a little catch up on the cleaning that was some what neglected. upon removing the cover we discovered the water remained clear as we continued the treatment through out the summer but some leafy debris along with the carcuses of unlucky insects had invaded the sanctity within the cover. My wife had formed a plan, she would attack from the outside skimming and I would vacuum from within. In my anxiety to get in I eagerly anticipated the warm embrace of the water from the many days of 80 plus temperatures, I had completely ignored to 50 degree nights. Needless to say the scream I emitted put people, for blocks around, in their basements for fear of a tornado or nuclear attack. I who have done the Polar Plunge for Iowa Special Olympics 14 times rediscovered why I didn't do it 15. My unscientific conclusion is cold days will win over warm nights and there will be "Shrinkage"!

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