Anger Management

Anger just overcame me. Just now leaving the estate as the iron gates opened to allow me access to Grand a police vehicle approached lights and sirens working away, proudly I watched as drivers moved out of the way as it approached 13th. Moments later an ambulance approached lights an sirens lit up and howling most vehicles stopped but as it got halfway through 4 cars heading north continued through the intersection ignoring and impeding it's progress, I blushed with anger. Finally Fire station 1 followed up with its engine again having to stop for 2 drivers that felt their mission was more important. If I had the power their would be 6 drivers that would never drive again. They endangered the emergency workers lives but by delaying them also delayed them from rendering life saving Services to a person in need. The world is full of thoughtless people, what are the odds they would show up at the same intersection at the same time. Your ass is supposed to be in the seat, not on your shoulders.

Ames High Takes on Fort Dodge this Friday at 7:15 on 1430