Leave my Cars Alone

More word today that the days of self driven cars are getting closer, as for me, I want to drive. Now I know that balding head surrounded by a shock of grey hair tends to be a sign to some that my driving abilities are suspect but I assure them I can still "come off the line" and "lay rubber" with the best of them. Looking forward to getting your license is one of the first goals you set right after learning to walk and ride a bike. Honestly what carries more status, mom or dad dropping you off at school or you behind the wheel of your roaring eye catcher of a machine. Imagine the humiliation of having "Robbie the Robot" drop you off. As for me, give me the feel of the wheel and the roar of the engine at my command, the opportunity to display the skills of years of experience and the ability to verbally critique those that get in my way....DRIVE ON!

You'll be up to the minute on Iowa State sports when you listen to the Cyclone Tailgate Show this Saturday at 3pm, live from the terrace of the Alumni Center on 1430.