I'm OK and I hope You're OK

Woke up again to the disaster Texas Is suffering because of Hurricane Harvey, and it's not over yet with torrential rains continuing. Sometimes it's things like this that really put's things into perspective, to what's really important and also things we take for granted. These folks have literally had their lives completely changed and strpped away whether they stayed or evacuated. Their will be nothing for most to come back to and the rebuilding will take years. If their is a plus it's brought us all together in an effort to help our fellow Americans get through this. Yep, as I think of what I have to deal with in the near future, it pales to the folks in Texas. Please remember no matter how little or much you are able to give it all helps....redcross.org or the Salvation Army are 2 great places or you can text Harvey to 90999KASI and it will make an automatic $10 donation to the Red Cross. 

Getting ready for the Cyclone Tailgate Show broadcasting "Live" from the Terrace of the Alumni Center this Saturday at 3pm as Iowa State takes on the University of Northern Iowa at 7.