Couch Potatorettes

Men if you think you're the only one occupying the front row seat for the BIG GAME, better think again. The number of the opposite sex, you know women, has been growing in unbelievable numbers. Your "Man Cave" will soon be known as just the "Cave". "Go get me a beer" will now be a shared phrase depending on who's closest to the fridge. "Make me a sandwich" may now be followed by "Make your own d@*^ sandwich". She may be soft and cuddly at night but if there's a game, step back. I say hooray for them, liberated from the stereotypical role of servitude during the games and sharing the excitement we have long kept to ourselves. The air in the cave has become much more pleasant but the language remains salty, after all their is no gender difference in a true sports fan.

Ames High takes on Marshalltown at Marshalltown tonight a 6:45p, Dave Sprau with the call.