Tailgate Tester

After a hard couple of hours of hard work doing the Cyclone Tailgate Show on the Terrace of the Iowa State Alumni Center I feel it my duty to wander the wondrous Tailgates below and offer my culinary opinions to any one who is looking to upgrade their cuisine. This is a free service and limited to an hour and a half before the game. Not only will I sample food offerings but am willing to partake in your beverage selection to insure you have the correct brew or distilled products for that days offerings. With over 70 years of experience this is the sure way to insure you are the host with the most. Once I have finished I will quietly walk away with my patented salutation "My pleasure I'm sure" if pleased or if it's not up to standards "You ought to be ashamed, could I have a beverage to go".

The Ames High Little Cyclones kick off their football season in Marshalltown at 6:45 Friday Night!