Cued in on Q

Too much time to think yesterday so to not burn out on the absurdities that surround us I pondered the letter q. This was not as random as it appears as I have noticed as I text or keyboard any word that contains q I have been leaving out the u. It really doesn't bother me not to have it but in the essence of correctness always go back and put the u in. Why didn't we just give the letter q the kw sound to begin with thus eliminating it's brotherhood with u. It angers me to think of it, without the combination of those two it might have sped my typing speed in high school to a passing grade. I wonder who I can officially approach with this revelation, would I be allowed to retake my typing final and erase this blemish from my academic records? Not much food for thought, more like a snack, time to make a sandwich.

Join me tomorrow morning at 9:15 as we talk about the open house at the new Water Plant.