Up early as usual and headed to the Iowa State Fair to help at our iheart studio on the east end of the Grand Concourse. there from 9am to 1pm, if you're coming I'd love to see you. I'm hoping it will divert my thoughts from the horrible news this morning of 6 police officers being shot last night in our country. I just walked in our bedroom and stared at the most wonderful woman I have ever known, she was sleeping soundly not aware of the overnight horror that struck those who are sworn to protect and serve like herself. I left quietly as tears filled my eyes with worry but more so with pride. Images of all those that serve our community entered my mind as well as their wives and children, I am honored to be amongst this extended family. Please keep in your mind and prayers these exceptional people who stand the line every day against the evil in this world, to keep you and those who surround your lives safe. Yep those jerks who caught you speeding this morning should have better things to do like that life saving CPR they performed an hour later that saved a life. God Bless and keep my extended family Safe, I hope my wife doesn't think there's any strange reason I want to ride along tonight.