Not Me but US

I don't think in my 70 years that I have seen such division amongst my fellow Americans. It seems everyday we are confronted with new challenges as of late it has been our moral values. We are very much a product of our upbringing and the life environment that has surrounded us since. We have always served as a melting pot for all peoples and have often touted one our core values "That all men are created equal"(persons may be substituted for men), unfortunately a word spoken is not necessarily a word practiced. In other words some of us are more equal than others because of our religious beliefs, color of our skin, even the nature of our thoughts. Once again I point to our kids, take babies from all walks of life put them in a room, they will see differences in each other but in the end they will play together. With the world watching very intently the greatest nation ever to exist we must once again search our true values and meaning then learn to play together. It is only through this demonstration of compassion and caring coupled with the resurrection of respect for the founding values this country was based upon can our country be strong. It's not about me, it's about us!

OK kids I've given in and am going to the Fair, stop by and see me Saturday at the iheart Studio on the west end of the Grand Concourse tomorrow from 9a to 1pm.