International Students

I enjoy this time of year as we welcome back students and Faculty to our fine city. I was wandering campus yesterday and could definitely feel the anticipation of the upcoming school year. On my walk I noticed several groups of International students searching out their class locations and enjoying the beauty campus has to offer. I often wonder how exciting and yet intimidating it must be to leave your home so far behind and experience the American lifestyle. I also am thankful that we have the opportunity to put our best foot forward and show them the hospitality we are known for and on the other side take advantage of the opportunity to learn about their homes. Diversity has been a focal point of ISU and this city for many years, we have often raised the hand of friendship and understanding to cultures outside of our country. In this day and age even we need to intensify this effort in hopes of a more peaceful world.

The Breakfast Club will be at Bethany Life's Affordables Store on Philadelphia St. in Story City at 7:30a on Friday!