Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

As I traversed the 60's and 70's I witnessed an evolving America as we made great inroads in fighting Racism in this country, this weekend it raised it's ugly head again. We do, even if contrary to our own beliefs, allow freedom of expression by all. We respect the rights of others even as distasteful or offensive they may be to be heard as long as they are peaceful. What happened in Charlottesville was never meant to be peaceful as the supremacists came combat ready with body armor, helmets, mace and weapons in hand, one even decided that wasn't enough as he drove his 3,000 pound missile into a crowd killing a 32 year old woman and injuring many others. It was a reminder that hate and prejudice is a cowardly foe that only rears it's head to tear the fiber of the very democracy they enjoy but want to deny others. They then slip back under the rocks to plan their next insult to freedom. We gained a lot in those decades I mentioned but we also knew it would take many more years to get where we needed to be, this weekend we traveled back in time in to an era I never wanted to see again.

Sports Director Dave Sprau will get you all Geared up for both the Cyclones and Little Cyclones upcoming seasons.

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