Favorite Ride

With State Fair going on I think back to when I was younger and the midway was the main attraction. All the carnival rides and the opportunity to win valuable prizes for a pittance of expenditure. The double ferris wheel always proffering the largest lines and the greatest view, plus a number of whirling and jerking rides guaranteeing purging your body of any of the deep fried foods you may have eaten. Most of all I loved out shilling the barkers, challenging them with fake physical impairments so they would give me an advantage. There was also the advantage I had of being with my uncles a couple of days when they had games of skill at local carnivals. I had learned the tricks on the Basketball Shoot and standing a Coke Bottle up on end with a forked ruler. At one point I  had one so many of the large stuffed animals they couldn't be carried by me and my friends. Eventually I was actually banned at several booths. As far as rides go, I can't stand any thing that goes round and round any more or for that matter up and down which pretty much eliminates them all except one and it's free. The benches along the grand concourse, usually close to a purveyor of cold adult beverages. I just sit and let the entertainment come to me in the form of people enjoying the Greatest Fair anywhere, The Iowa State Fair!

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