Who Stole My Hometown

I was in Des Moines yesterday, at least I think it was to attend an Iowa Cubs Game. My route involved picking up both of my kids (45 and 25) but still my kids. As I traversed what would be my normal route to Sec Taylor Stadium ( I know it's Principle Park but it will always be Sec Taylor to me) I encountered several alternative routes necessitated by several construction detours. Normally my patience would have quickly run out but instead it was a great lesson in how completely different this city looks. Many of the familiar landmarks of my childhood are gone and those that are still around have been turned into fashionable condo's and lofts. Maybe the biggest shocker was the old Register and Tribune building where I once worked will soon be a place I could live. The Downtown area is a great mix of the old and the very new and as painful as it is to see memories disappear it's nice to be here long enough to see the future develop.

Join me Friday morning for the Breakfast Club 7:30 to 8:30 am as we will visit with you from Story Cities Timberland Village, a part of Bethany Life.


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