I Shall Return!

When you get my age, 70 on Wednesday, you can't be gone very long before rumors of illness or retirement fill the air often exacerbated by my colleagues who fill in. I assure you I am merely accompanying my wife on a business trip to K.C.. I will be footloose and fancy free from 8am to 5pm as she attends the various breakout sessions, rest assured I'll find plenty to do as Kansas City and I are old friends after so many years of Big 8 and Big 12 Tournaments. I also noticed the Royals are in town so may hit up my friends who televise the games for a couple of tickets. I dare not come to town without paying a visit to Jim Kelly, the owner of Iowa States favorite hangout in K.C. Historic Kelly's in Westport. It will be nice to have a little break and it always serves as a reminder of how good it is to comeback home. 

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