My Little One

My little one, my daughter Ms. Paula turns 25 today and as the cliche' goes"Where has the time gone?" Now one would think at 70 in a week I might be having a senior moment and really wonder, where HAS the time gone. All I know is it has gone so very fast and every moment is quite vivid to me. Her accomplishments have been impressive and they continue to be, Graduated Iowa State 3 years ago with a degree in Journalism and now will get her R.N. in December. She assures me she's not finished yet. But the bittersweet moment came last week as she announced her engagement, somehow that feels like the end of an era, where "pops" will now take the backseat and a very nice young man will help steer the rest of her life. It's time and she knows I am a forceful backseat driver. Happy Birthday P. Bear. Your mom, your brother and I celebrate another year and don't forget your dads birthday next week, he loves fast cars and motorcycles!

What is a "RUMMAGE RAMPAGE"? Find out this morning at 9:15!


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