An American Hero"s Plea

Without being too political I would be remiss if I didn't recognize one of the most stirring speeches I have heard in my lifetime as Senator John McCain addressed the Senate. His call for both parties to drop their petty politics and work for the American people was beyond reproach. He has never stopped being an American hero as he works for the betterment of our noble and great country. Without Trump and Obama bashing I just wonder where we would be if he had been elected President. His defeat insured by the inane decision to put Palin on the ticket, a decision that was contrary to his wishes and deprived us the opportunity to profit by his vast experience. He and I have certainly disagreed over the years but I have never questioned the belief that he has always voted for his beloved country not the party he serves. His knock on the partisanship that has permeated our national politics and the call for both parties to work together to get things done should be a message to all of us. Let's drop the blame and name game some have taken as their political mantra and work together to influence both parties to put America and it's people first and politics be damned if they stand in the way. Bless you John McCain, a continuing American Hero, I pray your recovery will return you to Washington where your beacon of truth shines through the darkness of our capitol. May the message you delivered echo for years to come and not be lost by those who should heed it most.

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