Always Prepared, Never Ready

At the beginning of summer a lot of people were sharing their horror stories of air conditioner's failing to function. I, believing in taking care of everything living and mechanical, had already had my semi annual maintenance performed and was appropriately castigating them in their failure, of course with a touch of compassion. Last night as a glorious and welcome rain storm passed I reveled in the small relief it would provide, that is until the lights went out. It's now been 7 hours of torturous humidity invading my house, sleep being a restless and impossible beast. at 3:30 I arose and dressed in the dark for work, upon arriving must caution all that experience my visage not to be in shock from not seeing the usual man of fashion. As for those I chastised earlier this summer, your laughter will hurt but understood...Be COOOOOL!

Iowa Watch this Sunday at 8:30am will discuss foreign ownership of Iowa Farmland.


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