County attorney issues recommendation again supervisor

Story County's attorney has recommended that a County Supervisor not meet with county workers alone after an employee filed a hostile workplace complaint against the supervisor. The recommendation is part of a five-page document that lays out Jessica Reynolds’ legal concerns about Lauris Olson’s interactions with employees since she joined the Board of Supervisors in January.  Reynolds says Olson has opened the county and individual supervisors up to legal liability. The document was made public at the request of the Ames Tribune and Des Moines Register. Reynolds said she was prompted to draft the memo following a contentious June supervisors’ meeting during where Olson attempted to file an insubordination claim against a county employee for not installing software on a county-owned computer in a timely manner.  Olson attempted to file the insubordination claim despite the county attorney’s advice that she had no legal standing to do so. Supervisors aren't authorized to independently direct county employees unless they are designated to do so by a vote of the entire board.


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