Watcha Goin' to do About It!

As some of you may have noticed I have pulled away from political insanity on Face Book. I am not willing to sacrifice friendship over the political insanity in Washington. I have decided no matter which side you are beating the drum for the other side is not going to join your dance. I know a lot of you cannot believe how blind the other side is, well drop it, you're not going to convince them. I know some people who have been lifetime friends who have given up those years of memories over something that is completely out of their control. All the conjecture on what is transpiring will eventually play itself out, the truth shall set us free no matter what direction it takes. The biggest loss to me is not of political value but in friendships lost, I refuse to let that happen. I no longer care where you stand politically, that's your choice, let's just agree not to discuss it so we can continue to enjoy our most valuable asset, being friends.


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