Staff shortages limit Ames pools

Staff shortages are prompting the Ames Parks and Recreation department to reduce hours at Municipal Pool and adjust the availability of some of the features at the Furman Aquatic Center.  The city says it's while it's always been hard to find lifeguards and other stafers for the facilities, this year's been especially challenging.  Open swimming at Municipal Pool is closing Friday. Lap swimming will continue through Sunday. Starting Monday, lap swimming only will be offered from 12:00 until 1:00 p.m. Lifeguards assigned to Municipal Pool will transfer to the Furman Aquatic Center.  As for Furman, the city says the splash pool, water slides, and lazy river will only be open if staff is available.  To address staff shortages, the city says it's considering increasing wages for current and new employees, covering the cost of training, creating new positions that require less training, and targeting non-traditional employees like teachers and retirees.


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