I'm in but "YOU'RE OUT!"

After 21 years of umpiring I had to take a 2 year hiatus because of cancer and the pandemic, yesterday I was back and raring to go. It was a mixed moment as most of the players were familiar with me and began educating those who were not. Some described me as an honest and fair ump that will listen to a call argument then go with his original call. I explain that I have no replay available and can only see it once. I also tell them that the other team thinks it was right. There have been a few times I reversed a call because on a rare occasion the other team confesses they were in error, this is rare as most players consider my mistake is part of the game especially if it's in their favor. I tolerate no unsportsmanlike comment or actions and will eject anyone demonstrating them, players, coaches, fans and yes even my field umpire once. I love the game but more so it's the people who keep me coming back especially when they bring their families, a chance for the curmudgeon umpire to get the opportunity to see and tease the future players. There is so much more to umpiring and adult softball than the game...I'M OUTTA HERE!

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