Heroes Come in all Sizes

Over the years I have been blessed with meeting many kinds of hero's, folks who work small miracles or tackle tasks that go beyond expectations. My admiration today goes out to a long time friend who has had an extraordinary love of nature and has spent many years in the outdoors. This week I found out he is paddling his canoe from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico to raise funds for the river museum. He is 69 years old and and told me that he felt obligated to return to nature what he has received through his lifetime. It's a 2100 mile trip from June to August and let it be known I'll be tracking him all the way. It's inspired me to think of more ways I can serve the community that has been gracious to me, sometimes when we count our blessings, the accounts may never balance but we need to achieve as much as we can to express our appreciation.

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