Every once in a while something happens out of nowhere that puts your job into perspective. I received a phone call from a family who moved to Ames 20 years ago and have been steadfast listeners ever since. I first met the wife and her mother at one of the remotes I was doing and got the feeling they were a caring and close family and indeed I was right. We have maintained contact for all those 20 years and I proudly feel a closeness only family can bring. It had been over a year since we had spoken and as you all well know it was a year like no other. Her first words to me was to inquire how I was coping with the health issues I've been dealing with and she had heard I'd been having problems with the coffee since the station had switched brands. She told me she wanted to drop some special coffee at my home. When I got home indeed their was a plastic bag hanging on my door, inside was more than coffee, there were special home baked goods, a childs book and a card which touched my heart with it's kind words. I'm a sentimental sap and got a lump in my throat as I read, then came the kicker, the book was for me to read to my 1st grandson to be born in late summer, the dam broke and tears flooded my eyes. So much caring and love in those few words emphasized my real reason for being a broadcaster in local radio, it's touching the lives of the friends and neighbors I love and the humility when those emotions are returned.

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