Subject: Retirement?

What is there about getting over 65 that makes people automatically as "When and where are you going to retire?"

At the age of 73 3/4 I've answered it numerous times, "Never and Ames Iowa" Why don't they believe that I really love what I do and where I do it. It energizes me, keeps me current and connected to great people and events happening in my community. Working is not a curse it's a cause that I feel blessed to be able to do, it's not a "I have to", it's an "I want to" and gives me motivation to stay sharp and get better every day. I must admit there's even a little ego that goes with it even though I know I'm just an average guy with an exceptional opportunity. Not that I'm looking to leave this earthly plain but if I do I hope it's setting in the studio behind my mic.

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