May is Bike Month and we here in Ames are blessed with so many shared usage paths throughout the community. We have also designated marked paths on the city streets to help bikers travel as safely as possible. May 15th is the Mayors Bike Ride at which anybody of any age is invited to traverse the city on a 6 1/2 mile predetermined route, there is no early sign up or fee. On Monday the 17th there will be a breakfast at City Hall to kickoff Bike to Work Week. I must admit my bike to work is only 8 blocks and I fully intend to participate. I will admit I have found 2 different ways to go which are both downhill. I haven't ridden my bike for about 2 years but had already made plans to start riding it to work this summer, I must admit there's not much traffic at 4am, coming home is another matter. I have often been told I'm a little off balance but whether they meant mentally or physically I intend to disprove at least one of those assertions.

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