Thanks is Never Enough!

Few people have been as blessed as I with the opportunity to know so many people and understand the meaning of humanity as well as humility. The ability of folks to care for each other and dig a little deeper even in the toughest times is inspiring. I will always remember a Christmas we were doing a 'Penny Pickup" drive raising funds for those in need. I was broadcasting outside in sub zero weather for 3 hours collecting funds when a young man walked up with his 4 year old daughter, "She wants to contribute" he said. I looked down to her mittened little hand and she opened it up to give me 4 shiny pennies, 'It's all she has" he proudly said and they walked off across the parking lot. It was about an hour later and I was preparing my final moments when a car full of older ladies pulled up and handed a check to and said they were sitting around talking about making a donation and decided our cause was the one, I thanked them and they drove off. Later, as I sat in the truck warming up and preparing to drive back to the station I pulled the check out to put it in the collection jar, it was written for $5,000. As I was driving back the thought crossed my mind that the check and the 4 pennies had the same value when it comes to gifts from the heart.

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