She's Sooooo Young!

My normal Board operator in studio is me but since the pandemic and my having to be quarantined it has become the honorable duty of my friend and our Sports Director Dave Sprau. Now I don't know whether you heard but Iowa State is in the Big 12 Championship Game this Saturday in Arlington Texas thus necessitating Dave's departure on Friday and having our part timer Isabell Haas take his place. She's been with us for 4 months, a quick study and also seeking her Masters from Iowa State. Dave and I are separated by about 20 years in age so we do have some historical reference in music and events, Isabel is 50 years my junior and we may be the biggest generation gap on air in the country and I absolutely enjoy it. It is enlightening and fun to share conversation and test her historical as well as musical knowledge, she is not intimidated and frightfully honest and most of all puts a spark in this Methuselah's Brain. Take some time this Monday and Tuesday form 6-9am to see what I mean as Dave milks the vacation and holiday break for all it's worth.