I Thought I was Ready

The snow was not unexpected after all it is Iowa in December, it was the amount that was surprising, between 6 to 7 inches. Not to worry, I had checked the snow blower a couple of weeks before and felt ready for whatever came my way. My wife had opened the garage and I proceeded to start the blower, no luck, I checked possible trouble spots and discovered it was low on gas. No problem, I had filled the gas can a couple of months ago but where was it? Our garage is a potential location for the Hoarders show and my search proved futile, it was then my wife remembered our daughter had borrowed it and it had evidently joined her collection of things borrowed from parents. The snow shovels to the rescue with my wife directing me to the 73 year old man work area. As we shoveled the walk along the main thoroughfare we live on I noticed a vehicle coming our way along the curb taking great joy in splashing the slush over the sidewalk. I turned quickly to warn my wife but alas it was too late and my ears burned with a tirade of profanity never before heard by man nor beast. It was at this time I thanked God she didn't still have to carry her service revolver. This perpetrator will not get away cleanly as I'm sure I heard her uttering an Asian Curse on them.

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