Vote Wisely

Today is election day, while not considered a major draw because of no national races but just as important. The average voter turnout in an election like this averages around 12% nation wide, to me this is appalling. One example would be our School Board which has seven candidates, their pay is nothing but they control the largest taxpayer budget in the county. They are responsible for the development of programs determining the way in which future minds will be developed. The candidates have spent uncountable hours presenting their agenda's to hopefully get your vote. Unfortunately some voters will go to the polls and look for a party designation without considering the persons as individuals. As much as I encourage people to vote I would rather you didn't if you haven't studied the philosophies of those running. Voting is more than a moment at the polls, it is your responsibility to cast an educated vote and accept the trust that the founding fathers placed in us as the guardians of democracy.

the Iowa State men open their season against Mississippi Valley State at 6 pm on the Hometown Station of the Cyclones 1430 KASI-AM.