Good Morning Friends, as I embrace the outdated concept of Daylight to Standard time and consciously adapt my biological clock to keep me on schedule, I again contemplate the fanciful lives of my retired brethren and sistren and how less important this ritual is. It is for the "Working World" thus necessitating your involvement. There are no drop in medical appointments, fewer golf tee times and other events that permeate your carefree lives (I wish). Today began by waking up, not always a sure thing as you reach my age. I perused my surroundings assured that this is neither after death arrival points and proceeded to arise for the daily cleansing of teeth and body as well as a plumbing check. Coffee is brewed thanks to my personal Ninja Coffee maker that Chris set for the time change. Our first loving words in about 30 minutes will be "Is there any Coffee left?" I will answer "NO!" and prepare for the grumblings that accompany my day off and she prepares to meet the dregs of the earth as she protects and serves. As I retire to the living room in my lounger cup in hand, I "Hey Google" the light on and request "Alexa" to select some classical violin for my daily contemplation. That brings us to now, where I thank you for being my friends even though we may have only met face to facebook. I wish you a happy, safe and joyous Monday. Stay away from politics, it will only bring you pain no matter what your beliefs. Enjoy the gifts of happiness life brings you. Those of you who are struggling with things out of your control, know that if love and caring carry any power I'm sending it your way.

The Iowa State Men open their basketball season Tuesday night against Mississippi Valley State. 1430 begins it's coverage at 6 pm. You'll always get the most complete coverage of Cyclone sports on the hometown station of Iowa State, 1430 KASI-AM.