I've given up posting opinions and arguing on peoples sites that are opposed to my political philosophies and beliefs, in some cases I'm sure they feel the same about me, it's like talking to a wall. (not the one Mexico is paying for) I offer you this challenge today, many of us are having less contact with longtime friends mostly because of political differences. Take a moment and reflect on what made you friends to begin with, why you have shared so many precious moments inyour lives. How many bumps in the road you have traversed together, the caring you have shown in hard times, and the laughter in others. Are you willing to give all that up for the asininity and corruption in today's politics. The caveat that permeated my families lives since I drew first breath was never discuss politics or religion with friends and relatives. My grand parents were a great example and believers in that code. Mom's were Democrat and Catholic, Dad's were Republican and Presbyterians and in all those years did they argue either. I will continue to express my feelings as you will yours and as much as I detest the term unfriend me please do if it's at the risk of our friendship, I value and appreciate it more than this ugliness that is today's politics. Have a GREAT Tuesday! I'm heading out with my camera to try and capture in pictures what I feel about the place and people I love...GOOD MORNING IOWA!

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