A Little Time Travel

Went to a wedding last weekend and after so many funerals lately it was a refreshing change. It was in th Soukup End Zone area at Jack Trice Stadium, so naturally a beautiful venue. The day was a bit warm and the actual ceremony was held outside. They had provided for the heat with some commemorative fans and as I told my wife there's always fans at Jack Trice, bringing the standard roll of her eyes. My daughter saw a resemblance between me and Dr. Hammond, the scientist in the movie Jurrasic Park, and decided to do a social media comparison. That evening the reception took place and I found myself watching old Iowa State Basketball Games on the big screens, my wife a bit concerned said "How about joining the rest of us, after all you've seen all those games before, you produced them." "I know" I responded, "But it's never to late to critique one's work" It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.