I Love Fireworks But.....

Ahhhh, so many memories of fireworks from long ago, my first introduction was by my older brother Joe as he stuck Black Cats into ant holes blowing up the 6 legged terrorists headquarters. Next came the inevitable cherry bomb under the tin can experiment to see if he could blow it into orbit, NASA never called. When he and his buddies were old enough to drive they would take clandestine trips across the Missouri Line in an adventurous escapade into smuggling back fireworks for profit in sales to the meek and meager of his age. That's when I and my accomplice, little brother Dave, invaded Joe's secret cache of fireworks hidden in his high security sock drawer. We dare not set them off in the yard as my dad warned us of the small Iowa town that lost 800 citizens when a smoke bomb was tossed into the local hardware store and quickly spread wiping it off the face of the earth. We then opted to head to our pal's house where Larry Van Skoyk's bedroom offered us a rooftop perch from which to throw. It wasn't long before Des Moines finest was patrolling the neighborhood in search of these 11 year old desperado's. The adrenaline was flowing at a high rate even though we didn't know what adrenaline was. We opted to hide out in Chucky Lovarato's basement until the heat was off then would again violate the law challenging the copper's to find us. Unfortunately now my duties have changed and I'm the curmudgeon who must turn snitch on those who would test the law......NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Note: The statute of limitations has run out and the large reward for our capture ( a month's allowance) has been withdrawn...HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Mel in the Morning

Mel in the Morning

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