Over the Edge

I have many times been accused of going over the edge on things and being honest about it I probably do. There's a company out there that helps people go over the edge literally and for  good causes around the country. In our city that cause is the Boy's and Girl's Club and will take place on the Friday of Iowa State's Homecoming. They are signing up 100 hearty, if not coerced, souls to rappel off the 7 story Edge Building in Campustown. Many have already volunteered, some were volunteered by friends and coworkers but there are spots still available. I'm assured it's completely safe, no injuries or deaths in over 600 of these events. Many have asked whether I have given it thought and I assure you I have, but after 14 icy dips in the Polar Plunge for Iowa Special Olympics and soon to be 70, I feel it is time for me too step aside and let other of my colleagues know the joy and experience of unusual fund raising. I will be on sight and have volunteered to be a "pusher or catcher". If you have the daring or have someone you would like to see go over the edge please check out 1430kasi.com for details.