Well, my little experiment was a success, I lived unbound by social media this weekend and the freedom was almost overwhelming. The umbilical to my phone was severed, my fingers were keyboard free and it has been a long time since I felt this relaxed. While social media certainly has it's place, it ,like a bad drug habit, has become addictive for many. You might be surprised by the amount of time you unknowingly spend on it every day. I did discover, upon my return this morning, the world is still spinning and my absence caused no concern and from what I can tell most of you survived in good fashion. My plan now is to add more time to my life enjoying it and less time observing it on a small, lit screen. Sharing is ok but experiencing is so much better, this is not to say I'm kicking the habit but I'm definitely making a sharp reduction in participation. Be well and have a great day!